Wilhelm von, mineralogist in Hapsburg Empire, 1795-1871. See: Haidinger brushes.
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Jeff Haidinger, president and chief operating officer of GTL, added, "This is another example of an ideal collaboration that brings together public requirements and private industry know-how.
With our new sales and service centre in Dubai, we are seeking to leverage the huge potential that markets in the Middle East and North Africa carry, and to drive forward our business there in an even more targeted way," said Dr Michael Haidinger, Chief Sales Officer at Rolls-Royce Power Systems.
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Cooperation with Sawary Energy will allow us to offer our customers significantly enhanced service," said Michael Haidinger, chief sales officer at Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG.
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William Haidinger (1826) wrote in the Edinburgh Journal of Science that "Few species in mineralogy have been so incorrectly described as the ores of manganese, and, in particular, the most common one among them, the prismatoidal manganese-ore.
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Manchester have now shipped 388 points in just three games, and their tries from Luke Haidinger and Matt Rockey, the latter converted by Jack Turton, were their first points of the campaign.