S.E. Patrik, Swedish orthopedist, 1870-1937. See: Haglund deformity, Haglund disease.
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A Star-Studded Night of Light and Hope in support of the Kirsten Haglund Foundation, founded by Miss America 2008
Margot Haglund is taking on the iconic role of Elsa from Frozen, appropriately enough on ice.
Linda Haglund, executive director of the Wenatchee Downtown Association, which organizes the event, says it might not be evident that day but the economic benefit will be felt over time.
Defence minister Carl Haglund described the intruder, first detected off the Helsinki coast yesterday afternoon, as "theoretically, a possible" submarine.
aIt presents no immediate threat, but Russia with its actions is demonstrating that it has the power and capacity to act, if it chooses to,a Haglund said.
Owner Mary Haglund says that Mary's Gourmet Diner had been offering the prayer rebate for four years.
8220;For over a decade, granite has continued to be a popular choice for countertops,” said Kitchen Tune-Up Founder & President, Dave Haglund.
The restaurant owner, Mary Haglund asserted that the discount was "not a policy", but a gift given to those who took the time to appreciate their food and was seen having a moment.
n] the collection of Parking Functions in the n x n lattice square, one of the compositional refinements of the Shuffle conjecture due to Haglund-Morse-Zabrocki in Haglund et al.
Paul Haglund has joined CTLGroup as the firm's director of finance.
The plaintiffs' Portland attorneys, Mike Haglund and Mike Kelley, initially asked for more than $500 million in damages, then revised that number to between $74 million and $120 million last fall and amended their complaint to exclude Dungeness crab fishermen.
STRASBOURG, France, April 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Members of the European Parliament Johannes van Baaeln, Tanja Fajon, Carl Haglund, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff and Krzysztof Lisek tabled a Written Declaration in the European Parliament "on the danger of Taliban presence in Pakistan".