Waldemar M.W., Russian physician, 1860-1930. See: Haffkine vaccine.
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Address : Haffkine Bio Pharamceutical Corporation Ltd.
It was in this room in the pharmacology department that Waldemar Haffkine had produced a vaccine against bubonic plague and during all their time in college, they never did see that door open.
com)-- Legendary music producer Ron Haffkine who recorded Silverstein's quirky weed songs with Dr.
Haffkine is back with the release of 'Aye Aye MariJuana (Mary Jane)' from the husband and wife duo Tawny River.
The fellowship will allow professor to work with four universities in India- Sikkim Manipal University Institute of Medical Sciences, Amrita University Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi, Deccan Education Society affiliated Pune' University and its Fergusson College, and Haffkine Institute in Mumbai affiliated with the University of Mumbai.
Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine, an orthodox Jewish Russian scientist from the Pasteur Institute was assigned to work in India during a major plague and cholera outbreak in the country.
Haffkin came to India in 1892 when an epidemic of bubonic plague struck Bombay (now Mumbai) and the government asked Haffkine to help.
The song was recorded with master music producer, Ron Haffkine (producer for Shel Silverstein and Dr.
The girl had been shifted to Kasturba Gandhi hospital from a private hospital and her blood sample was sent to Haffkine Institute for tests.