Waldemar M.W., Russian physician, 1860-1930. See: Haffkine vaccine.
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Sharma, Enterovirus Research Centre, Haffkine Institute Compound, AD Marg, Parel, Mumbai-400012, India; email: dsharmad11@gmail.
It was in this room in the pharmacology department that Waldemar Haffkine had produced a vaccine against bubonic plague and during all their time in college, they never did see that door open.
com)-- Legendary music producer Ron Haffkine who recorded Silverstein's quirky weed songs with Dr.
The fellowship will allow professor to work with four universities in India- Sikkim Manipal University Institute of Medical Sciences, Amrita University Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi, Deccan Education Society affiliated Pune' University and its Fergusson College, and Haffkine Institute in Mumbai affiliated with the University of Mumbai.
Other members include EuBiologics, Finlay Institute, Haffkine, Hualan Bio, Incepta Ltd.
Koch's authority undoubtedly inclined the first cholera vaccine developers, Jaime Ferran y Clua (in 1885) (11,12) and Waldemar Haffkine (from 1892) (13) to exclusively use the parenteral route of administration, clearly compromising the safety, efficacy, and implementation of vaccination.
A plague vaccine was developed by Waldemar Haffkine, a Jewish Ukrainian bacteriologist who was working in India when the plague entered Bombay.
The seeds of medical research, however, were sown with the opening of Indian Medical Services (IMS) in 1896 and the landmark discovery of Major General Sir Ronald Ross in elucidating the role of female anopheles mosquitoes in transmission of malaria, while working in Hyderabad in 1897, that followed with the commencement of systematic investigations of the problems of tropical and other diseases with the establishment of many research laboratories and institutions of excellence in different parts of the country such as Central Research Institute (CRI), Kasauli, the Bombay Bacteriological Laboratory (now Haffkine Institute) at Parel, Mumbai, the king Institute at Guindy for Madras Presidency and the Pasteur Institutes at Kasauli, Coonoor, Shillong and Rangoon.
The product was a broth of heat-killed bacteria called the Haffkine vaccine after its creator, Waldemar Haffkine, a Russian scientist who fled his homeland for a post at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.