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Austrian royal family who ruled most of central and part of western Europe for centuries.
disease of the Hapsburgs - factor VIII deficiency causing blood coagulation disorder. Synonym(s): classic hemophilia; hemophilia A
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Stratimirovic, the head of the Serbian Church in the Habsburg Monarchy, however, simultaneously suggested to Serbia's military leaders that they send a political deputation to the Russian imperial court to convey their political wishes and requirements.
In the Renaissance, the collecting of armor was closely linked to both branches--Spanish and Austrian--of the Habsburg dynasty.
However, they can be refracted and focused through the very concrete prism of a particular historical institution, and that is the Habsburg Empire.
At the same time, the Habsburg case is unique because of the "disjuncture in Austria between the nation and the state" (214).
But his great, great, grand-nephew, Archduke Ferdinand von Habsburg, 39, is an up-to-date music fan and has met the Franz Ferdinand boys backstage.
reflects an ambivalence about the role of the Jesuits who, he says, worked with the Habsburgs in "the imposition on the Bohemian peoples of a faith they had once rejected" [217].
Take a walking tour of Zagreb, which quickly reveals itself as a city full of finebuildings and peach-coloured stone monuments to the decadence and high self-esteem of the Habsburgs.
That is a great task of Japan," said von Habsburg, who arrived in Japan last Tuesday to visit friends.
But back to George von Habsburg, whose story is fascinating.
Based upon a detailed knowledge of the music and the multitude of Habsburg archival documents from the period, Saunders is able to correct many misconceptions and inaccuracies in former discussions of this period.
The last known leak was during the election of Pius X in 1903, when the Habsburg emperor, Franz Josef, apparently found out who one of the candidates was and vetoed him.