R., German dermatologist, 1884-1941. See: Mucha-Habermann disease.
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some partners have resisted the term and described the support they provide as a natural part of marriage; Habermann, 2000); nonetheless, the role of primary support provider to a chronically ill patient does tend to be filled by his or her partner.
We believe that Explain Everything holds great potential as it expands in the K-12 education system, especially across North America, Europe, and Australia," said Jan Habermann, Partner at Credo Ventures.
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Moore will take office as the fifth dean, succeeding Randal E Bryant, who visited the Qatar campus in 2012 as a speaker in the A Nico Habermann Distinguished Lecture Series in Computer Science.
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Some (see Staples, 2006) explain it as the logical offspring of the Western drive to develop the world after colonization and World War II; others (for example, Habermann & de Fontgalland, 1978; Jayaweera & Amunugama, 1987) position it as a regional (mainly Asian) reply to modernization.
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Both A/S ratio, used by Gonzalo and Habermann (2002), and A/V ratio, applied by Hegger et al.
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Previously marketed as the Tornado 5-in-1, the Ultra Pepper Spray System will now sport the familiar Ruger logo due to a recent licensing agreement, according to Sven Habermann, Tornado Personal Defense Systems president.