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Asked about the snarl-up at First Minister's Questions at Holyrood, Sturgeon said: "To be absolutely frank, there were far more HGVs on that road than there should have been when a red warning was in place.
Mr Sharpe and members of the church's congregation say more should be done by Caerphilly council to prevent HGVs from using the road by installing clearer signage, and they have put up their own sign in the meantime.
The driver of the HGV became aware of the Astra in the mirror and could see a vehicle in the opposite direction.
And it works - within a matter of minutes, the team are calling for back-up from the following officers that are swarming around the HGV like worker bees.
In total, 28 police forces have taken part in the HGV cab safety initiative since it began in April 2015, pulling over 4,176 drivers in relation to 5,039 offences in its first two years.
Ningbo paid for all Steve's training and licences, and he is now a full-time HGV driver.
The HGV payload was designed specially for DF-17, the source added.
As well as consolidating its HGV sales programme from across England into the centre in Coventry, Manheim also plans to double auction frequency, with a weekly rather than the current fortnightly sale - a first for the UK.
Driving Careers, a trading division of Talent Training (UK) LLP, has been launched by North East businessman David Harper to help young people get the right training support to enable them to apply for HGV jobs in future.
Given that vehicles will be counted on every road that they travel on there will be a significant amount of duplicate counting, but the total figure is still a good indication of the volume of HGV traffic in the area.
POLICE need help to trace the driver of an HGV which was involved in a crash on the A19.
Haulage firms hope to work with employment agencies and colleges to create a "logistics academy" and open up access to student loans and bursaries which will fund a PS3000 HGV licence.