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In fact, in recent years, while animal rabies incidence dropped to approximately 100 to 200 reported cases per year, PET leveled off at approximately 1,000 per year, about the same level as immediately before HDCV was introduced.
Intended for large data centers primarily cloud and colocation facilities the Uniflair LE HDCV 4500, which occupies the same dimensions and footprint as the 4300 model, and the HDCV 5000 utilize a newly designed coil system and under-floor fan module to deliver 20% higher cooling capacity, while drawing less power.
Ayrica kuduz profilaksisi amaci ile uygulanan hem HDCV (human diploid cell virus), hem de RVA (rabies virus absorb) adsorbe asilardir, degisimli olarak kullanilabilirler.