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According to SRX Property, HDB resale market sentiment turned positive in June, and eased the downward pressure on resale prices.
To validate this HDB of 1,600 psi, ASTM D 2837 provides a table with elevated temperature, sustained-pressure requirements.
Hyundai's HDB series breakers are engineered with advanced technology for optimum performance despite harsh working conditions.
ALTIBASE HDB combines the power of now with the wisdom of the past to arm businesses with actionable data - in real- time - to blow by the competition.
Under the new partnership, HDB will purchase 60 per cent of Damac Properties' development at Hyde Park.
An analyst at EFG-Hermes believes HDB may be looking to increase its capital to finance its own real estate investments.
In 1993, only 20 percent of HDB households had a personal computer.
According to HDB officials, the project supports Singapore's push toward the use of alternative energy.
5m needlepunched nonwovens line features a Heregeth feed table with a bale opener conveying system, 1 HDB chute feed one electronic weight control between the chute feed and the card inlet and a total capacity of 320 kg/hr.
This portal would potentially reach out to a large pool of HDB residents encountering.
Created in 1960 in response to acute problems of overcrowding and squatter settlements in the city and modelle on European post-war programmes, the powerful HDB now houses 80 per cent of Singapore's 2.