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Seamounts are considered to be HAPC areas because they may be unique ecosystems with endemic stocks or species (De Forges et al.
In the present study, we have taken advantage of two unique tools, the HAPC and the measurements of organ CL, to begin to investigate the postulate that particle toxicity operates through oxidant-dependent mechanisms derived from specific particle components.
In our model, in situ CL of the lung increases shortly after exposure to CAPs (Figure 1) and returns to control values a few hours after removal of the animals from the HAPC (Table 4).
Briefly, the HAPC used for the animal inhalation studies consists of three components: a high-volume, 2.
Outdoor air was drawn through a manifold into the HAPC.
Sean McDevitt, Chairman of HAPC, commented, "We are very pleased with the outcome of the vote.
HAPC is a blank check company recently formed for the purpose of acquiring, through a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition or other similar business combination, one or more operating businesses in the healthcare industry.
As a result of the purchase, I-Flow now owns approximately 15% of the issued and outstanding HAPC common stock, and I-Flow intends to vote such shares in favor of the acquisition (the "Transaction") by HAPC of I-Flow's subsidiary, InfuSystem, Inc.
will become wholly owned by HAPC, which will be renamed InfuSystem Holdings, Inc.
HAPC has announced that the meeting of its shareholders to vote on the Transaction is scheduled for September 26, 2007.
Sean McDevitt, Chairman of HAPC, commented, "We remain excited about the acquisition of InfuSystem, which fits perfectly within HAPC's acquisition criteria of strong growth, high margins, and an excellent management team.
HAPC has announced that a shareholder meeting to vote on the transaction is scheduled for September 26, 2007.