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Spear also suggests that landfill operators in a very wet setting or a site that is just beginning to have an H2S problem dispose of drywall and broken or ground concrete in the same location with as much 'mixing' as possible to shift the pH towards the neutral or alkaline.
Better H2S resistance of the steel is provided by a combination of improved chemistry, cleanliness, homogeneity and microstructure, he says.
The variances in production methods and the resulting product may create variances in the methods for managing H2S generation.
H2S is responsible for numerous types of problems in steels, such as sulphide stress cracking (SSC), hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) and stress oriented hydrogen induced cracking (Sohic), he explains.
New England is also a battleground for the H2S (hydrogen sulfide) controversy surrounding the gypsum drywall portion of alternative daily landfill cover (ADC) created from mixed C&D fines.
This facility will help the company grow in Saudi Arabia and the region by training and certifying staff in H2S Awareness and H2S Alive.
During the past few years, the finger has been pointed at C&D-derived materials such as fines as the primary cause of H2S problems because the material can contain a fair amount of gypsum (calcium sulfate).
The FLEXSORB SE Plus technology is well suited for selective removal of H2S thereby enriching the feed to a Claus Plant Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU).
But Warren had other problems as well, according to its critics, including the generation of H2S gas, which brought in complaints from the landfill's neighbors.
This gas will be treated for H2S and CO2 removal at the Indian Springs Plant operated by Enterprise Products, L.
Tender notice number : 45 H2S Monitors/HWPM/I-P/WORK/2016-17
DVS 6000 is being used to neutralize H2S by direct injection into oil wells and flow lines and as an additive to tanker loads of sour water, sour oil and sour mixtures of oil and water.