paraaminobenzoic acid

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p-a·mi·no·ben·zo·ic ac·id (PABA),

(ă-mē'nō-ben-zō'ik as'id),
4-aminobenzoic acid, a factor in the vitamin B complex, required for biosynthesis of folate; neutralizes the bacteriostatic effects of the sulfonamides because it furnishes an essential growth factor for bacteria; elevated concentrations of the sulfonamides interfere with use of this agent and of folates; used as an ultraviolet screen in lotions and creams. It is produced in a test of pancreatic function.

paraaminobenzoic acid (H2NC6H4COOH) (PABA)

a substance, often associated with the vitamin B complex, found in cereals, eggs, milk, and meat, and present in detectable amounts in blood, urine, spinal fluid, and sweat. It is widely used as a sunscreen that forms a partial chemical conjugation with constituents of the horny layer and resists removal by water and sweat. PABA is a sulfonamide antagonist and may be an effective agent for the treatment of scleroderma, dermatomyositis, and pemphigus. Also called paraaminobenzoic acid.