Alfred, 19th-century German physician. See: Günzberg reagent, Günzberg test.
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Since US refined product exports and oil imports are not constrained by pipeline infrastructure, or restrictions on exporting US crude, Brent futures are used as effective hedging tools," Gunzberg said.
Forward and currency versions of the DJCI family allow market participants the opportunity to specialize their investment strategies based on a specific currency or position on the forward curve," says Jodie Gunzberg, Global Head of Commodities at S&P Dow Jones Indices.
Gunzberg is vice president at S&P Dow Jones Indices.
2006) 'A further challenge to the welfare state: two paradoxes of trust', paper presented at the Gunzberg Centre for European Studies, Harvard University, 5.
On a more sustained view, their picturesque formulae and discreet subtitles--"Judentenberger Strasse, Illmensee," "Judenweg, Gunzberg," "Judenpfad, Rockenberg," and so forth--combine explosively, opening an interpretational chasm.
Here Terry du Gunzberg, make-up artist and ex-head of YSL make-up development, will personally help you to cook up any make-up item in any shade.
On Levi and Dante, see for example Lynn Gunzberg, "Down Among the Dead Men: Levi and Dante in Hell," Modern Language Studies 16 (1986): 10-28; and "Nuotando altrimenti che nel Serchio: Dante as Vademecum for Primo Levi," in Reason and Light, edited by S.
8 billion managed account platform for institutional and accredited investors, today announced the hiring of Jodie Gunzberg as Managing Director of Risk.
The Dow Jones RAFI Commodity Index intends to provide investors the potential to achieve alpha-like returns within an index strategy by weighting according to fundamental factors in commodities," says Jodie Gunzberg, Global Head of Commodities at S&P Dow Jones Indices.
Our goal was to consolidate the vast amount of information available to help artists, staff, board members and volunteers build and manage smart organizations," said Joan Gunzberg, Executive Director of the Arts & Business Council of Chicago.