Ferdinand A., German physician, 1864-1941. See: Klein-Gumprecht shadow nuclei, Gumprecht shadows.
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Horsemeat is as much a part of Vienna as the Sachertorte," Margarete Gumprecht, head of a family business that specialises in the iron-rich treat, told Format magazine this month.
German Andre Gumprecht admitted he'd had "mixed feelings" about donning the uniform and toothbrush moustache for the Central Coast Mariners' fancy dress bash.
THERE was outrage in Australia last week when Central Coast Mariners star Andre Gumprecht dressed up as Hitler at a club party.
See "Draining the River Dry" in Blake Gumprecht, The Los Angeles River: Its Life, Death, and Possible Rebirth (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999), 83-129; Kevin Starr, Material Dreams, 1-61, especially 59.
Lekas et al (12) and Gumprecht and Cichon (22) recommended evaluation of bleeding time in patients with a positive history, whereas Barber et al (21) and Lind (23) argued that it has no predictive value.
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The networking opportunities secondments could provide are particularly important for women, who as Gumprecht (1986) noted, rarely have access to the informal networks available to managerial men.
In the preface to his book The American College Town, Blake Gumprecht asserts that he was compelled to write it after he discovered that no book specifically dedicated to college towns had ever been published.
In writing this journal we are also reminded of other women colleagues who have died tragically and prematurely, including Yvonne Taylor Cullen, Helen Marchant, Nancy Gumprecht, Brenda Smith and Shirley Gilliver.