Acacia senegal

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Herbal medicine
A tree from Africa that produces a resinous sap, which has been used for treating sore throat, coughs and diarrhoea.
Vox populi
See Chewing gum.

Acacia senegal,

n See gum Arabic.
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Gum Arabic (Acacia senega) (GA), family Fabaceae is a small deciduous Acacia tree from the genus Senegalia, known by the common names Rfaudraksha, Gum Acacia, Gum Arabic Tree, or Gum Senegal Tree.
Farmers will be able to increase their income through higher farm-gate prices; they will increase production through the expansion of gum arabic tree areas and land converted to forest; and they will benefit from the increased vegetative cover over the long-term.
Gum acacia (babool) or gum acacia, hashab (Arabic), gum arabic tree with botanical name Acacia nilotica of family leguminosae is an important forest tree of Indo-Pak subcontinent.