(gŭl′strănd′), Allvar 1862-1930.
Swedish ophthalmologist. He won a 1911 Nobel Prize for his study of the dioptrics of the human eye.
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2] concentration (Cordain and Stager, 1988; Holmer and Gullstrand, 1980; Peyrebrune et al.
A doctor at San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy, explores the imaging capabilities of schematic eye models for evaluating the spread function formed on the retina for variable pupil sizes, taking into account diffraction and ocular aberrations, and proposes a chromatic aspherical Gullstrand exact (CAGE) eye model for charactering image formation in human eyes.
Later on some more works have been done to emphasize the importance of disentangling horizontal IIT (HIIT) with vertical IIT (VIIT) like Greenaway, Hine and Milner (1994, 1995), Gullstrand (2002), and Andresen (2003).
The world standard for billing of wireless services, TAP 3, is a key ingredient to success for mobile network operators," said Christer Gullstrand of the GSM Association.
Syniverse is pleased to be supporting the GSMA in its drive to reduce fraud and maximize the profitability of its operator members by enabling them to stay ahead of organized fraudulent behavior," said Christer Gullstrand, Director of GSM Standards at Syniverse and GSMA TADIG chairman.
The ICC for the peak power during the Wingate test has been described before by Gullstrand and Larsson, (1999) (r = 0.
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In 1992 he received the Gullstrand Medal in Stockholm for his contribution to ophthalmology, and the Gonin Medal in 1994, one of the supreme awards in the field.
Hans Rosdahl, University College of Physical Education and Sport; Lennart Gullstrand, Swedish Sports Confederation; and Christopher J.
Raby) Gullstrand, 92, of Worcester, passed away Saturday, December 17, 2011 at the Jewish Healthcare in Worcester Center after a brief illness surrounded by her family and the wonderful nurses and nursing assistants that cared for her.
As demonstrated by a local couple, Ralph and Ruth Gullstrand, featured in a Valentine's Day front-page story in the Sunday Telegram, true love stands the test of time, and in fact sweetens over the years.