Baltic Sea

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Baltic Sea,

a sea in northern Europe.
Baltic myeloma - autosomal recessive condition with onset between 8 and 13 years of age, characterized by myoclonic and generalized seizures, relatively frequent in the Baltic region, particularly Finland.
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Ice features and ice-thrust shore forms at Luodonselka, Gulf of Bothnia, in winter 1972/73.
Prior to the urbanisation boom of the seventeenth century, there had been no urban settlements on the northern reaches of the Gulf of Bothnia, and the early inhabitants of Tornio were probably mainly local peasants (see Mantyla 1971).
Moreover, along the eastern coast of Sweden, PCB contamination of fatty fish, such as herring, is higher in the southern Baltic proper than in the northern Gulf of Bothnia (Bernes 1998).
On the other hand, the bias of the modelled wind direction on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia was less than 10[degrees] (Tisler et al.
Over the Gulf of Bothnia, the investment climate for biofuels is also steadily improving in Finland with energy group Fortum taking the lead in forming new partnerships with some of the country's biggest paper and forestry sector players.
In winter, the Gulf of Bothnia is the largest field of ice in Europe.
EXAMPLE: You can literally break the ice in the Gulf of Bothnia in Finnish Lapland with a cruise on an icebreaker.
A FINNISH businessman pledged to defy a court order and continue recovering vintage champagne, cognac and wine from a shipwreck in the Gulf of Bothnia.
The ferry is aimed at sailing between Vaasa in Finland and Umea in Sweden across the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea.
The speed record achieved on the ice of the Gulf of Bothnia in March 2011 with a petrol-powered car is 331.
The one at Harnosand, on the east coast, about halfway up the Gulf of Bothnia, has quite lot in common with the Linkoping library (AR May 2001).