Guest Author

A person who was not involved in research or in writing a paper—especially in a peer-reviewed journal—who nonethelesss shares author credits
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Acclaimed guest author and storyteller Giles Abbot will also be hosting two events.
Students then will move to the Center for Meeting and Learning for small-group reading sessions featuring a range of community leaders and guest author Susan Middle ton Elya ("Rubia and the Three Osos").
This issue's guest author, Julian Mellentin, also takes a look at the better-for-you foods segment in his annual functional foods update (page 36).
Deaver is in Dubai as a guest author as part of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, which will be held from March 8 to 12 at the Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Festival City, and the Cultural and Scientific Association, Al Mamzar.
The Gerson Institute will now take over the editing of the newsletter, but Howard will continue to be a very welcome guest author and contributor.
option=com_content&view=article&id=4279:correcting-the-falsehood-that-mlbs-luxury-tax-is-part-of-revenue-sharing&catid=26:editorials&Itemid=39) on this subject, guest author Kristi Dosh of It's a Swing and a Miss (http://www.
30pm, and from 6pm Broad Street Young People's Centre will hold a youth forum meeting for people aged between 12-21, with guest author Rashmita Patel.
Finally, a chapter written by guest author Bob Sheff, MD, titled "The Physician and Patient in Perspective," is a gem.
For hardcore, dedicated SF&Fantasy fans, some of the characters portrayed will be readily identifiable--especially the harassed con coordinator, the obnoxious guest author, the social skills deficit guys and gals who dress up in costumes, sing "filk songs", and outside of the convention live the most mundane of personal lives.
Some say that as long as the invited guest author has examined the ghostwritten paper extensively and made substantial editing changes, the manuscript should be considered the work of the guest, not the ghostwriter.
I encourage those of you who would like to guest author a "First Person" column to contact me or any other member of the Communications Advisory Subcommittee.