Guedel airway

Gue·del airway

oropharyngeal airway used to ensure airway patency during general anesthesia.


Arthur Ernest, U.S. anesthetist, 1883–.
Guedel airway - rubber oropharyngeal airway.

Gue·del air·way

(gū-del ārwā)
Oropharyngeal airway used to ensure airway patency during general anesthesia.
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Bag and mask ventilation with a Guedel airway in situ was difficult and oxygen saturations could not be maintained above 75% with a two-anaesthetist technique.
Insert a Guedel airway and ventilate the patient manually with a face mask while waiting for more experienced help.
After loss of consciousness bag-mask ventilation was attempted which was difficult, requiring a Guedel airway and two-person technique.
2]O) which did not improve after Guedel airway insertion.
Laryngeal mask airway vs face mask and Guedel airway during pediatric myringotomy.
The bite-block tube can be inserted in the same way as a Guedel airway.
The data were collected by the anaesthesiologist performing the case and included: demographic, surgical and airway assessment details, efficacy of facemask ventilation (Guedel airway not required, Guedel airway required, Guedel airway plus jaw thrust required, failure to ventilate), ease of ProSeal LMA insertion (number of attempts), aetiology of failed insertion (failed passage into pharynx, malposition, ineffective ventilation), ventilation success (SP[O.
Facemask ventilation was easy in 236 patients with nine requiring a Guedel airway.
Contract award: provision of tracheal cannulas - Speaking Valves - Guedel airways - fastening straps for tracheostomy and intubation probe - mandrels intubation - gauges - swabs non sterile single use