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Giuseppi, Italian physician, 1856-1918. See: Guarnieri bodies.
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Guarnieri succeeds Ramiro Lopes da Silva of Portugal, to whom the Secretary-General, Director-General and Executive Director express their deep appreciation for his leadership of the Programmes Operations Services over the last seven years, retiring after close to 33 years with WFP.
In the documentation for FlexiKiller, Guarnieri noted using the tools will wipe the device of the spying tool entirely.
342) The Third Circuit in Guarnieri split the circuits by declining to apply the public concern doctrine.
Moreover, we found a lower drip loss and cook loss in muscle samples of TWFR group, which was similar with the findings of Guarnieri et al.
Atti del convegno internazionale di studi (a cura di A Guarnieri, F Nicolodi, C Orselli), Siena, I, 14-16 luglio 2005, pp.
Valerie Guarnieri, WFP East Africa Regional Director, said,"We started yesterday distributing one-month food rations for the refugees.
The Long Road to Bethlehem: Part two In part one, Jewish journalist Mya Guarnieri concludes she can no longer live in Israel, that love cannot survive being separated by an eight-meter concrete wall.
La autora, Alessandra Bartolomei Romagnoli, profesora de la Pontificia Universidad Gregoriana de Roma, reconoce su vinculo intelectual con figuras seneras como Raoul Manselli y otros nombres importantes como Claudio Leonardi, Romana Guarnieri, Sofia Boesch o Gabriella Zarri.
Guarnieri (2011) amplia o conceito de logistica definido na legislacao, complementando-o com o conceito de logistica reversa e inserindo-a no contexto da sustentabilidade.
Developer Claudio Guarnieri, a security researcher based in Germany, says Detekt can currently find eight different pieces of spy software, including FinSpy.
2, Jacopo Guarnieri, Italy, Astana Pro Team, same time.
As Mya Guarnieri explains succinctly in +972 Mag , the Egyptian "ceasefire" would have meant a return to a comfortable status quo for Israel in which: