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Giuseppi, Italian physician, 1856-1918. See: Guarnieri bodies.
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Second, as to the narrow principle of Guarnieri, the idea that petitions merit heightened protection "when they seek to advance political, social, or other ideas of interest to the community as a whole" is without foundation in history or theory.
38) One of the best portrayals of the intellectual figure of Raffaello Franchi in the Thirties is Guarnieri 1989: 183-190.
6) Paolo Guarnieri, in questo caso, si dimostra tale ammiratore della cultura e della lingua inglese da inserire parole inglesi in italiano: la versione sonora in inglese inverte come abbiamo visto le due componenti.
In her 11 years of working with government and corporate agencies and not-for-profit organizations, Guarnieri has seen leaders demonstrate their skills during times of change.
Much work remains to identify ideal candidates for the gentler method, Guarnieri adds.
We are excited to be launching at E3 with our partners from Dynamics," said Jack Guarnieri, CEO of Jersey Jack Pinball "With the ePlate[TM] system, anyone can experience pinball content with the push of a button during their everyday payments.
On January 1, 2011, when amusement game industry veteran Jack Guarnieri announced the formation of a new company to design and build commercial Pinball Machines, the world of Pinball turned upside down.
Junior John Sullivan was named to the second team and senior Justin Hyland of Spencer and senior Mike Guarnieri to the third team.
The sales-topping filly was one of four lots by Fasliyev on offer - all fillies - and was consigned by trainer Maurizio Guarnieri.
ON MAY 18, 2005, Minister of Veterans Affairs Albina Guarnieri hosted Celebrations of Canada's Women Veterans as part of Year of the Veteran events scheduled throughout 2005.
The 60 members who approved Jason Kenney's motion included the bulk of the Alliance Party (minus Keith Martin, the pro-abortion Catholic from Esquimalt), plus the following Liberals: Guarnieri, Lincoln, McTeague, O'Brien, Peric, Peschisolido, Steckle, Szabo, Ur and Wappel.
Other conference speakers and topics are: "Medical and Hospital Incineration: Problems and Promises," Mike Guarnieri, Bishop Associates; "Medical Waste Incinerator Installation at West Babylon, New York.