O., 20th-century German dermatologist. See: Bürger-Grütz syndrome.
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After Grutz and Grutter, admissions committees were permitted to factor racial and ethnic diversity into admissions policies, so long as the diversity initiative followed the parameters established by Justice Powell in Bakke, (35) For the following decade, the Court did not render another decision regarding the validity of the use of race as a factor of diversity initiatives in higher education.
Gams (1971) (= Gliomastix cerealis); Anamorphic Ascomycetes, Hypocreales, Sordariomycetidae Acremonium furcatum Moreau & Moreau ex Gams (1969); Anamorphic Hypocreales Acremonium fusidioides (Nicot) Gams (1971); Anamorphic Hypocreales Acremonium griseoviride (Onions & Barron) 4 Gams (1971) (= Sagenomella griseoviridis); Anamorphic Sagenoma Trichocomaceae, Eurotiales Acremonium kiliense Grutz (1925); Anamorphic Hypocreales Acremonium rutilum Gams (1971); Anamorphic Hypocreales Acrogenospora sphaerocephala (Berk.
Koch (BMNH); 4 [female], Grutz [52[degrees]40'N, 12[degrees]16'E], C.