Irritable Male Syndrome

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A term of recent vintage for the changes seen in seasonally breeding male mammals which, at the end of mating season and due to a drop in testosterone, become testy, not unlike human males. The human equivalent is most common between ages 40 and 60 and has been variously termed male menopause, andropause and viropause
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If my dreams for this city e me a grumpy old man, then so be it.
HE is already known as football's grumpy old man - and now Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has been labelled a cardsharp as well.
The grumpy old man is starring in Channel 4's historical drama A Harlot's Progress, about artist William Hogarth.
His comments came on BBC2's Grumpy Old Man show which will air next month.
A grumpy old man trapped in the body of 33-year-old, tousled-haired heart-throb, Moran rages against the youth of today (well the youth of last year to be precise, as this was recorded in 2004), technology (he's even defeated by the complexities of his own mike stand) rap music and children.
The Hackney Empire has played a key role in the early development of many of this country's best comedians and that tradition continues this Saturday when wit, writer and Grumpy Old Man Arthur Smith (right) hosts the final of the annual New Act Of The Year competition.
If the BBC ever bring back the Grumpy Old Man series, they should sign up Ginger Baker.
It is a world which is all about power and how to navigate it" Actress Sigourney Weaver "Don't get me started on wrapping paper because, I am edging on grumpy old man territory here.
Some might say he's just being a grumpy old man, but Oasis legend Noel Gallagher thinks the web has been bad for the music business - and his postbag.
I don't want to sound like a grumpy old man, but I think muttering is something we could look at" - BBC chief Lord Hall after complaints that some TV actors mumble their lines.
Rick Wakeman, the prog-rock keyboard maestro turned Grumpy Old Man, knows this.
I was a grumpy old man," the Sun quoted him as saying.