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Barcelona, Spain) has patented a method for determinating cytokine receptor, especially growth hormone receptor (GHR), activation, by the use of an antibody capable of discriminating between an activated and an inactive cytokine receptor conformation, especially GHR or growth hormone binding protein (GHBP) conformation, the method comprising: contacting the antibody and the cytokine receptor to form a complex, contacting a candidate ligand to the complex, measuring the antibody binding to inactive cytokine receptor and thereby discriminating between an activated and an inactive conformation.
Ligandmediated immunofunctional assay (LIFA) for quantitation of growth hormone binding protein in human blood.
Other important parameters of drug activity being measured in all patients that will also be assessed at the end of the study include Growth Hormone and Growth Hormone Binding Protein levels along with a more comprehensive assessment of the safety data.

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