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see peanut.

groundnut meal
the cake remaining after expression of the oil from groundnuts is a valuable protein supplement but has a toxicity hazard if it contains aflatoxin due to infection of the cake or the original nuts with Aspergillus flavus fungus.
groundnut poisoning

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Q. does being allergic to peanuts mean you can’t eat peanuts as a whole nut? Or should you avoid spreads, cookies, cornflakes etc. as well.

A. people allergic to peanuts are, most of the times, a very severely allergic people. it has an astounding reaction that can lead to death because of specks of peanuts in a cookie.

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China took advantage of market reforms, as well as increased use of high-yielding seed varieties and agricultural inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, mechanization and irrigation), to recently overtake India as the world's largest groundnuts producer.
The pothowar groundnut has beautiful grains, easy to break and is very tasty while this variety produces 15 percent higher yield than the previous varieties.
Groundnut is one of the most popular and universal crops cultivated in more than 100 countries in six continents [3].
used to extract oil from the groundnuts, as an alternative income
Dried fermented maize and groundnuts paste was pulverized by crushing in mortal and then stored in airtight container or polyethylene bags.
The investigators found that consumption of maize and groundnuts was higher overall in African and Asian countries than in wealthier, more developed nations, leading to increased aflatoxin exposure.
But this research was to follow, not precede, the confident proposal for growing groundnuts on a vast scale.
The first crop of groundnuts was sold to buy books for pupils aged six to eight.
Groundnut is the common name, but it is known to botanists as Apios americana.
Like most other crops, groundnuts are semi perishable and their quality during storage can be deteriorated through microbial proliferation, insect and rodent infestation, loss of flavour, viability and rancidity due to biochemical changes as well as absorption of certain odors and chemicals.
Jambunathan R, Raju SM and S Barde Analysis of groundnuts content by nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry.
At the first international conference on the production and marketing of oilseeds (sesame, groundnuts, sunflower), under the auspices of First Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, Dirar announced a decision by the state to exempt oilseed exports from tax.