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An armed conflict including one or more governments, and causing the death of 1,000 or more people per year
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The fundamental description in this book of American contributions to the ground war is contained in two pages, but they are artfully written and basically on the mark.
One thing that is just fascinating is what we call the ground war, the
No WMDs, no direct ties with al-Qaida, and a ground war that appears likely to focus our attention and tax dollars on a country and people who posed no immediate threat to us.
FIDEL Castro warned President George Bush yesterday against launching a military attack on Cuba if the current American measures aimed at dislodging him don't succeed, saying it would provoke a mass exodus and an all-out ground war.
As the ground war began, the VQ aircrews left familiar tactics and airspace to keep pace with advancing coalition forces.
We're doing more of the ground war, going face to face and talking to every young person we can talk to in the state," Culp said.
Reporters agreed not to disclose certain types of information like the location of military units or plans for future operations, and commanders could impose embargoes--blackout periods such as at the very start of the ground war.
Mr Bush Snr warned: 'Trying to eliminate Saddam by extending the ground war into an occupation would incur incalculable human and political costs.
The Times piece concedes that black casualties were high "in the early stages of the American ground war in 1965 and 1966, when there were large numbers of blacks in front-line combat units.
Early in Operation Desert Storm's four-day ground war, the story goes, an American Abrams M-1A1 tank got bogged down in Iraqi mud.
But that conflict ended relatively quickly--the ground war lasted only four days.
It will certainly be a ground war as it has been shown that the previous bombing campaign did not achieve its aims.