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Through its companies Lowe McAdams, Pace Communications, Lowe Healthcare Digital, Summit Healthcare, Lowe Healthcare Direct, Lowe Fusion, Lowe Azure, and Lowe Grob, it offers integrated services that include direct marketing, managed care communications, education, public relations, strategic consulting, as well as professional and consumer advertising.
The apprenticeship program, which includes a director and several pieces of equipment and floor space in the Bluffton facility, represents an investment of $300,000, Mr Grob claims.
Major organization : OBEC CHORVEuTSKY GROB (00304760)
Dr Grob added: "Political and cultural pressures forced an end to these studies in the 1970s.
The Grob spn fits that bill exactly, with its large, comfortable cabin, 3000-foot balanced field performance, ability to operate from unimproved strips, comparatively inexpensive operating costs, and business jet speed up to 41,000 feet.
The financial meltdown has hit the business aviation industry hard and has been complicit in the demise within the past nine months of two independent airframers Eclipse Aviation and Grob Aerospace.
One of the twin-seat Grob Tutor aircraft plunged to the ground half a mile from a motorway.
Kids don't beg autographs from Mike Grob and Ashley Chinner.
At its Perth facility, China Southern operates 35 GROB 115C, single engine propeller; five SENECA V, twin engine propeller and two Citation Cessna Jet aircraft.
Key customers comprise of AgustaWestland, Airbus Military, Air Medical Group Holdings, Bell Helicopter, Carson Helicopters, Embraer, Grob Aircraft, Sikorsky, Textron AirLand, and commercial, military, and government fleets around the world.
Attempts to resurrect the Grob Aerospace SPn light business jet have taken a step a closer with the creation of a business plan for the programme drawn up by Niall Olver, Grob's former chief executive.
David Grob, curator of the exhibition, said police had been informed.