Gray Area

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Medspeak A generic term for any area of patient care—e.g., diagnostics, ethics, management of terminally ill—in which the parameters of good practise are not clearly defined—i.e., are neither ‘black’ nor ‘white’
Vox populi Gray zone/area is commonly used in the lay parlance for anything that is not readily apparent or incontrovertible, i.e., not ‘black’ or ‘white’
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Our new partnership with Grey Zone will capitalize on the momentum Apple is building with enterprise products like the Xserve running Apache, MySQL, and PHP built right into the Mac OS X.
Our mission at Grey Zone is to provide a very cost efficient and compelling Extranet solution for corporations.
For further information on this exciting Silicon Beach company, or to attend an informational Web seminar, visit the Grey Zone web site at www.
Founded in 1997, Grey Zone has provided solutions to over 100 customers including Consilium, GN Resound, Nuance Communications, Terayon, and VISA International.
The US web communications software developer Grey Zone Inc has launched SecureZone 4.
Arquette will next be seen alongside Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell in 3,000 Miles From Graceland, as well as the drama The Grey Zone, about Jews working in the crematoria at Auschwitz during the Second World War.
Peter Walwyn is not guilty of entering any grey zone of confusion when it comes to his opinion of others.
Words to live by: "Don't be in the grey zone - binarize it.
that is the grey zone that has to be controlled, said Enrique Ona, director of the state-run National Kidney Institute, according to Reuters News Service.
For a very long time the only grey zone in the story was the peasants, though this was a rather unfortunate defect since they made up the majority of the population.
com) announced today the availability of its latest white paper, "Strategies for Navigating the Grey Zone Medication Maze.
As part of that transaction, GECC and Shinsei agreed to a loss-sharing arrangement for potential Grey Zone interest claims, with a buyout option to end the obligation in the first quarter of 2014.