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An amphetamine pill that is green in color.
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Three winners will be chosen in each store - first, second and third place - each receiving a voucher for a product including Greenies or Toy Shoppe([R]) or Grreat Choice([TM]) dog and cat toys.
But the Bright Greenies are more difficult to ignore now because many of them are packed to the gills with ammunition--called money.
The Nutro Company's family of brands includes NUTRO MAX, NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE and NUTRO ULTRA(TM) pet food brands in addition to the GREENIES brands which include the U.
Recycling is no longer only for people who are keen greenies - it's for everyone," he said.
Lots of Hollywood greenies were on hand to lend support to the cause - we spotted Beau Bridges, Dana Delany, Wendie Malick, Jon Lovitz, Jeffrey Tambor and Jason Schwartzman, among many others.
PetSmart stores to offer free GREENIES Canine Dental Chews in honor of National Pet Dental Health Month
If we don't act now against these greenies then soon we will not be allowed to use cars and electricity and return to live like cavemen.
and has built several environmentally correct casas for greenies like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Barbra Streisand.
Extreme language, the blunt rhetoric of refusal, is warned against these days because the media and the lumpen public have had enough of screaming greenies who, we are told, overstate their case.
The Greenies Company reminds pet owners that an important part of any check-up is a dental exam.
The GREENIES Brand Creates Oral Care for Service Dogs Program
I'd go out on weekends in my greenies (surgical scrubs) and jogging suits to the movies and restaurants, but my wife put her foot down and now I dress more appropriately for my job,'' referring not only to his law firm, but also to his recently added role of Thousand Oaks mayor pro tem.