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L., contemporary U.S. surgeon who designed the Greenfield filter. See: Greenfield filter.
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GreenFields has designed and installed more synthetic turf systems for FIFA than any other company and boasts over 3000 sports field installations worldwide.
Greenfields Milk's market study showed that Singaporean family units were increasing their consumption of milk as part of their daily diet.
A total of 76 matches will be played in the main stadium and the adjacent GreenFields stadium.
La Colosa is the second significant greenfields discovery (Gramalote being the
Simon Bellwood, who was sacked as manager of Greenfields in 2007, is claiming unfair dismissal.
Companies can spend a lot of time in greenfields and not find anything substantial.
During the council debates, Solomon and Poling fought to keep the greenfields in the enterprise zone.
In addition to these two cheeses, Wyke have also launched their Farmhouse Drum cheese, which has a strong flavour and is matured for fourteen months, as well as their Greenfields cheese, an alternative based on a selected blend of vegetable oils.
It brings down the cost for those that choose to protect open spaces and turn brownfields into greenfields.
Terms such as cherry picking (selecting or funding only the successfully developed technologies), greenfields operation (launching a start-up operation) and openface Dutch sandwich (a term used to show the relationship between a Netherlands Antilles company that owns a Dutch company that owns a company in another country) appear alongside references to famous international tax cases such as the Gaston Schul case, in which a yacht imported from France into the Netherlands was subject to double imposition of the value-added tax.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has published a report on GreenFields of Geneva, IL 2010 General Revenue Bonds.
The most encouraging news is the ongoing trend in increasing greenfields exploration expenditure in the NT (exploration in new areas away from known deposits) with a year-to-date increase of 45% over 2014," Mr Tollner said.