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L., contemporary U.S. surgeon who designed the Greenfield filter. See: Greenfield filter.
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Further, Lebanese firms invested in 159 greenfield projects outside Lebanon between January 2003 and May 2015.
We decided to enroll my son at Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield because the school provides flexibility that lets him keep up with his education and achieve his extracurricular goals at the same time," said Southampton resident Andrea Lucchesi, whose son Anthony is an expert BMX racer at fifteen and recently won the Quaker State National.
Paul Kenny, director of marketing at Guinness World Records, said: "We re-appointed Greenfield Media as it is one of the few agencies we have worked with who really understand our target audience.
Greenfield finished 4 of 6 from beyond the 3-point line on the night, making two of those treys from 24 feet away.
Greenfield was named a partner at PB in 1964 and served as chairman of the board from 1982 to 1989.
From a revenue perspective, we believe Ciao AG is the largest independent survey research provider in Europe with an established online community that spans fifteen countries and a large, diverse client base," stated Dean Wiltse, president and chief executive officer of Greenfield Online.
The trial court held that, because the complaint alleged negligence and contained no allegations that Greenfield intended to cause the death of Smith, Minnesota Fire and Casualty Co.
I'd like to be able to report that the authorial light Greenfield kept decorously hidden under a bushel in life blazes forth in this posthumous volume.
Greenfield believes the industry can address the problem of work-related injuries without OSHA's mandate.
Only a captive of political correctness, Greenfield observes, could say that reciting the Lord's Prayer might lead to totalitarianism
Six months later the petition was granted and the Second Congregational Society of Greenfield was organized.
Expansion and growth are more than synonymous at Greenfield Millworks.