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The common foodstuff(Brassica); limited animal studies suggest possible value as cancer preventive.


a plant whose leaves may cause hemolytic anemia if eaten in large quantities. See brassicaoleracea. The seeds contain an antithyroid agent progoitrin which, on conversion to an active form (oxazolidone), causes growth inhibition in chickens.

Patient discussion about cabbage

Q. Will cabbage soup diet will be helpful for me? I have heard about cabbage soup diet. It’s been said that it helps in weight loss. I am overweight and due to this I always lose focus on my studies. I had tried a lot to exercise but could not make it up with the required regularity. So now I have decided to start diet therapy. Will cabbage soup diet will be helpful for me?

A. If you are planning for short- term diet change, replace it with a cabbage soup diet plan. This is the right choice when you are on a major weight loss plan. You need a healthy diet to help you for a good start towards a healthy life. But if you want a long -term diet plan with your weight- loss plan then cabbage soup diet is not a good option as there are not enough of nutrients in cabbage soup diet required by the body.

Q. Has anyone tried the cabbage diet? I'm interested in knowing if this is a good diet.

A. Personally I have tried it and first of all- 1. You cannot eat cabbage longer than a week, it's impossible 2. It is a very bad diet because it does not contain all the major food products one should eat every day, and allows fast yet dangerous weight loss 3. You end up putting back all the weight you lost once you stop, because you start eating like you used to, and you did not use lifestyle changes that will stick with you for the long term.

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Spinach, green cabbage, and carrot leaves showed green bands on the filters; red cabbage showed purple; carrots showed yellow.
When it sizzles, add carrots, mushrooms, green cabbage, broccoli rabe and scalA[degrees]lions with a dash of salt and white pepper.
Green cabbage holds up just fine to light steaming and a toss with soy sauce and sesame seeds.
Salad: In a large bowl, toss together the shredded chicken, quinoa, red bell pepper, green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and cilantro.
Add a crunchy slaw of green cabbage, cilantro, red onion; a squeeze of lime; and sour cream.
Mirza Hassan, who tends to a large farm in Jasra, has grown red and green cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, several varieties of tomato and exotic grass for landscaping.
QMY GUINEA pigs don't seem to like green cabbage and I'm worried they aren't getting enough vegetables.
Recipes are handed down in families amid continual arguments about sweet-and-sour versus tomato sauce, cooked or raw rice, green cabbage or savoy, oven-baked or simmered.
Imagine being less popular than regular green cabbage or sprouts?
ANDREW'S DIET NOW Breakfast: Poached eggs on cooked spring green cabbage and spinach Lunch: Chicken fillet with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms Evening meal: Salmon, roasted peppers, courgettes and onions and boiled asparagus Snacks: Celery stick filled with low fat cheese or a couple of slices of ham or turkey with lettuce in the afternoon
The first offer, which ended last week, included spring onions, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli and iceberg lettuce for 50p each, while this week the offer, which will run for the next two weeks, has been changed to a 250g pack of tomatoes, green cabbage, celery, aubergine and crisp lettuce for 50p each.
Citrus collards with raisins, BBQ tempeh sand-Wiches with carrot-cayenne coleslaw, and spicy smothered green cabbage.