Green Biotechnology

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The use of biotech for agricultural processes and products—e.g., an organism designed to grow under specific environmental conditions or in the presence (or absence) of certain agricultural chemicals
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Green biotechnology represents agriculture's development trend
Gain a clear understanding of the industry landscape and latest developments in R&D, production, technology advancement and future trends in China's green biotechnology
Sacom Group is active in green biotechnology for the production of microorganisms intended to be used as vegetable addition to fertilizers of various nature.
Today's main activity is Sacom Green Biotechnology for agriculture, in addition to the production and sale of fertilizers.
Green biotechnology is just one theme that will be explored in a convention featuring seven plenary sessions, more than 150 panel sessions, 1,200 displays, a business forum with 200 company presentations, and a career fair.
0 billion, is one of the world's leading innovative crop science companies in the areas of crop protection, seeds and green biotechnology, as well as non-agricultural pest control.