Green Hair

A ‘condition’ affecting light—blond, gray, white—haired persons who frequent swimming pools, due to assimilation of copper in hair matrix
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She had lovely green hair and green eyes, and she bowed low before Dorothy as she said, "Follow me and I will show you your room.
Slimy gaps and causeways, winding among old wooden piles, with a sickly substance clinging to the latter, like green hair, and the rags of last year's handbills offering rewards for drowned men fluttering above high-water mark, led down through the ooze and slush to the ebb-tide.
Undoubtedly, nobody's denying this, Jerome looks like the Joker without the pale face and green hair, so what does that mean?
Grey, pink, purple and green hair colours are still pretty popular.
com THERE'S no need for green hair, unless you're dressing as a witch, but a subtle and temporary change to your hair colour is fun.
Green hair spray (available at Party Centre Deira and Media City)
He was wearing a white clown mask, which had bright red lips with orange or green hair attached.
Staff dressed up for the day with stylist Nicole Rowe looking pretty terrifying as The Joker complete with wide red-lipped smile, dyed green hair and a blooded stained shirt.
Connor Jones, 18, terrified children at a school by dressing as a clown in a black and white jumpsuit with a mask and green hair.
Ever wondered what you would look like with blue eyes, green hair and higher cheekbones?
Meantime, the Joker's updated outfit and make-up shocked many DC Comics fans when it was unveiled last year, as it featured the clown's lurid green hair, piercings, tattoos and silver teeth-a look completely different from previous portrayals.
HAIR-RAISING How Cork hero Sonia O'Sullivan would look with green hair