Green Extract

A fluid extract concentrate of a herb prepared from fresh, pressed, and strained juicy leaves; 1 g of green extract = 1 g of pure herb
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Companies included in this study are Mahtani Chitosan, Panvo, SACCHARIN, Chitin Chitosan, Wellable, Zhejiang Golden-shell, Zhejiang Aoxing, Ri-xing, Taizhou Fengrun, PXPC, Qingdao Green extract, Yantai Dongcheng, Zhejiang Condorly, Zhejiang Chengyi.
The beauty shelves are packed with exotic products that draw on local ingredients and fragrances immediately evoke the essence the destination, whether that's Argan oil from Morocco or green extract from the Far East.
Cosmetic yoghurts, which contain ingredients such as borage oil, green extract and vitamin E, represent some of the latest innovations from the dairy industry.
The activated carbon absorbs the caffeine from the aqueous green extract due to its surface activity.