Green Card

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A pale green—formerly white and salmon-coloured—document that identifies an immigrant as a permanent US resident and, for physicians in specialty training, allows them the option to stay in the US after finishing training
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Green Card is supplied to USCIS by General Dynamics Information Technology, the prime contractor for the U.
More than 3,000 families last year won the Green Card Lottery Program with the professional help of the USAFIS Organization, while in the last 14 years of service- about 44,000 families won the Green Card nomination.
Winners of the Green Card Lottery will then apply for a permanent residence visa either through their nearest consulate (consular processing) or within the United States through the Citizenship and Immigration Services (adjustment of status).
There are no set rules on how you are awarded a green card.
A bit like Lady And The Tramp without the doggies, Green Card mixes scruffy French charm with sophisticated Manhattan chic - which all comes out rather well in the wash.
Common considerations should involve the timing of the assignment, when compensation is paid, when stock options are exercised, when assets are sold, whether green cards should be obtained, the judicious use of tax treaties and the assignee's personal financial situation.
The USAFIS Organization helps international customers submit immaculate and timely Green Card applications so that they may qualify if selected in the Lottery.
The green card proposal forms a component of an environmental scheme by the Austrian bank which comprises offering of recyclable card wrapped in eco-friendly packs.
com)-- The Green Card Lottery's registration period begins on October 2, 2012.
Although Jimenez had come to this country legally when he was nine years old, and was in the final stages of becoming a citizen, federal authorities curtly informed him that his green card, obtained via his mother, was invalid because his mother's green card had turned out to be fraudulent.
Although your green card (International Motor Insurance Card) extends your fully comprehensive cover, it is not, strictly speaking, necessary.
Example 5: T, a green card holder, purchased and lived in a home in New York for five years during a U.