Green Card

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A pale green—formerly white and salmon-coloured—document that identifies an immigrant as a permanent US resident and, for physicians in specialty training, allows them the option to stay in the US after finishing training
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National Public Radio's (NPRs) John Burnett reported: "Their bill would do three things: First, limit the number of foreign nationals who are able to get green cards to reunite with their families already in the U.
With regard to the Green Card, Germans should stop and ask themselves if they have managed to create a credible welcoming culture in the past 15 years.
But it appears the Green Card Lottery has done its job too well for some Republicans.
The British Soft Drinks Association and Deeside College in North Wales have also both recently pledged their support to the Green Card programme.
The EB-5 programme is the easiest way to get a US green card," Hank Adorno, executive vice president and partner in SkyRise Miami LLC, told Khaleej Times in Dubai.
Currently, when an H-IB obtains a green card, his family gets it too, but all these green cards are counted toward the annual cap.
Compared with last year's website dysfunction, the green card glitch is just an irritant, something that requires extra effort from certain applicants and that may cause additional anxiety.
Considering the significant amount of money involved, the enterprise should not simply be a vehicle to obtain the green card but can also be a wise business investment.
per cent discount Green Card The chain have launched a 20 per cent discount Green Card for selected drinks on big match days from Premiership and cup games including the FA Cup and Champions League to home internationals.
If a person invests $1 million ($500,000 in rural and target employment areas) and creates ten new American jobs as a result of the investment, he or she will be eligible to obtain a Green Card for themselves and their immediate family.
Green Card qualifier : This business with excellent books and 35 employees does qualify for the Green Card or an EB5 or E2-Visa.
The primary card holder keeps the Green card and gives the Red card to his or her immediate family member (spouse, parent or child) who can be located in the UAE or overseas.