Green Blood

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A marked shift in the colour of blood from deep red to avocado green/black which in humans is vanishingly rare, and attributed to sulphhaemoglobin evoked by therapeutic use of sulfonamides including sumatriptan used for migraines; the colour reverses itself upon discontinuation of sulphur-based agents
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The Belfast heavyweight penned a pro deal with Berkeley Sports and Media of the UK and Green Blood of Philadelphia yesterday.
I've got all the time in the world for Bryan Gunn and he's clearly got yellow and green blood, but that doesn't mean he's the right man to get the Canaries out of trouble.
He loved the Army and the Green Howards - he had green blood.
Marine creatures such as the amazing cuttlefish - an animal with green blood, three hearts and the ability to change color in an instant - are the focus of this latest exhibit, which opens this weekend and marks the start of summer hours for the aquarium, but some visitors might be just as impressed with the faux corrals surrounding them.
I don't know about you but I've read and heard so many definitions of sustainability that I've developed green blood.
There's no denying that a large streak of Emerald Green blood still courses through the veins of Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Mick McCarthy.
My mum and dad came over from Belfast five years before I was born, basically like a lot of people looking for work and to get away from the troubles, but I like to think that if you cut me, I'd have green blood," he said.
In hindsight the appointment of an Irish boss with Kerr's ability and with green blood coursing through his veins appeared a safe enough venture for the FAI.
SLIPKNOT are set to turn Gig On The Green blood red with a sickening collection of animal entrails.
The bizarre snaps are sure to get the green blood racing as the heavenly bodies model for a string of saucy poses.
Dying, they ooze green blood and then melt into glowing green goo.
In a single season, eggs that dot the leaves turn into caterpillars, hairy, obtuse, on tiny elephant legs, all mouth and green blood, they live to eat several times their bodies' weight, die into cocoons hung-up on being dead for a while, a delicacy