Greek letters

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Greek letters, symbols based on the Greek alphabet that are used to represent phenomena and objects in science.
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Crossing the Sands, Crossing the Color Line: Non-Black Members of Black Greek Letter Organizations.
No sooner had this happened, than Hardy scrawled a couple of formulae on the board that were absolutely packed with Greek letters.
Her idea of plain vanilla includes complicated multi-currency basket options whose price depends on volatilities and correlations of all the currencies in the basket, and other financial engineering inventions that look plain only to quants comfortable with long equations full of Greek letters.
To eliminate the need for extensive pretesting of the critical matching and naming performances, Sidman and Tailby (1982) introduced the now common practice of using arbitrary stimuli, such as Greek letters, that could be presumed to be unfamiliar to the subjects.
Greek Letters brings together the papers presented at a conference held in Athens at the Institut Francais d'Athenes in June of 1995.
The second part, "Neohellenic Literary Studies," contains two chapters and is a novelty since it lists scholars and institutions, critics and reviewers or translators, covering modern Greek letters in some twenty, countries (the former Soviet Union counting as a single entity) plus Greece itself.
The most common type of body art we see is tattoos of fraternity or sorority Greek letters around their ankles.
They [weavers] were envisioning them as designs and were not familiar with Greek letters at all.
It may seem odd to have Christ represented by a fish, as he often was, but the Greek letters for fish are the same as the initial letters of "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.
The three Greek letters at the end suggest the word "Eternal.
He has also photographed wing versions of the digits zero through nine, ampersands and question marks, human-like faces and blinking eyes, Greek letters like [Omega] and [pi], the Scandanivian [Phi] and the Germanic umlaut vowels.
Consumers can choose from skins reflecting professional sports leagues or players (MLB, MLS, NBA, NHL), college logos, Greek letters, movie or music brands (like AC/DC, Rolling Stones), cartoon and comic characters (like Looney Tunes), world flags, models, or fashion style.