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But this would require a Western policy based on long-term thinking and a self-confident and strong power position, because the Kremlin will perceive any sign of division and weakness as encouragement to return to Great Russian power politics.
Here was an American who had created a sensation among Russian audiences, playing the Tchaikowsky First Concerto and Rachmaninoff Third Concerto in the Great Hall of the venerable Moscow Conservatory; an American who had made the great Russian pianist Sviatoslav Richter cry; a tall, lanky, boyish and charming American who, after the competition, was embraced by the short, stout, weathered and austere Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev.
While the broad chronological scope of Camilla Gray's inaugural study of 1962, The Great Russian Experiment in Art: Russian Art, 1863-1922, meant that the author could only barely touch on Constructivism, the book sparked the interest of artists, scholars, and curators alike.
Following in the footsteps of the great Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev, out Australian author Robert Dessaix takes us to Germany, France, and Russia in search of what exactly Turgenev meant by the word at the core of his life and world love.
Welsh football was today still sweating on the outcome of their Euro 2004 appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport yet to deliver its verdict on the great Russian drugs controversy.
Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin was the first of seven operas by four great Russian composers with which new musical director Turgan Sokhiev plans to serve British audiences a musical flavour of his homeland.
Leave it to great Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky to settle the score: "I believe there is no one deeper, lovelier, more sympathetic and more perfect than Jesus--not only is there no one else like him, there never could be anyone like him.
A KEY FIGURE in contemporary fiction, Vladimir Voinovich continues the great Russian satirical tradition.
Like all of the great Russian writers, he eschews overt social and political commentary, approaching his subject matter with the satirical, darkly comic panache of a contemporary Gogol.
Originated by the great Russian coach of Valeriy Borzov (Remi Korchemni) for the development of stride length and acceleration.
The great Russian Baptist leader Georgi Vins said to me, "Michael, I first read your name when I was in prison.
As a reporter, Sender interviewed Clarence Darrow, Emma Goldman, Lucy Parsons, Huey Long, Lenin's widow Krupskaya, and Olga Kniper-Chekhova, the Moscow theater star and widow of the great Russian writer.

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