Great Ormond Street Hospital

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A premier paediatric hospital, located in London, which delivers the widest range of specialist care of any children's hospital in the UK; the US equivalent is St. Jude’s hospital in Tennessee
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Great Ormond Street Hospital sees more than 200 children brought in with cystic fibrosis each year.
The 14-month-old needs pounds 25,000 to get hole-in-the-heart surgery at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Wealthy Lily Morris, whose legacies are at the centre of a court battle involving Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, splashed out on luxuries including a Porsche and a BMW.
AS you kick your way through the latest beat-'em-up or strafe the opposition in your favourite flight sim, spare a thought for the children of London's Great Ormond Street Hospital.
GREAT Ormond Street Hospital may now keep PS530,000 donated by the scandal-hit Presidents Club Trust.
February's guest speaker will be Pete Russell who will talk on behalf of the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.
Tenders are invited for equipping consultancy service for phase 3 of great ormond street hospital nhs foundation trust
The Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has marked a crucial milestone in the construction of The Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children, as a topping out ceremony was held to mark the moment when the building reached its highest point, said a report.
THE Maurice Newman-organised charity meeting at Harlow on Sunday, October 29 in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is to be shown live on Racing Post Greyhound TV as part of a double-header with the RPGTV Henlow Derby final card the same night, writes Jonathan Kay.
GREAT Ormond Street Hospital has said it deeply regrets "that profound and heartfelt differences between" Charlie Gard's doctors and his parents "have had to be played out in court", after a judge approved a plan which will see Charlie moved to a hospice and have his life support treatment withdrawn.
All of us at Great Ormond Street Hospital get up every morning to care for sick children, not to cause further anguish to devoted parents like Chris and Connie.
A statement issued by Great Ormond Street Hospital after the order was released said: "It has been a uniquely painful and distressing process for all concerned.

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