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1. a thin flake or compacted platelike body, as of cornified epithelial cells. See also squama.
2. a scheme or device by which some property may be measured (as hardness, weight, linear dimension).
3. to remove incrustations or other material from a surface, as from the enamel of teeth.
absolute scale (absolute temperature scale)
1. one with its zero at absolute zero (−273.15°C, −459.67°F).
ASIA scale a descriptive tool developed by the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) as a part of the complete classification of patients with spinal cord injuries. Called also Frankel Classification. See accompanying table.
Bayley S's of Infant Development a psychological test for assessing development of infants, using motor, mental, and behavioral developmental scales.
Borg scale a numerical scale for assessing dyspnea, from 0 representing no dyspnea to 10 as maximal dyspnea.
Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment scale a behavioral assessment scale used to evaluate the interactive behavior of a newborn by its responses to environmental stimuli.
Celsius scale (C) a temperature scale with zero at the freezing point of water and the normal boiling point of water at 100 degrees. The abbreviation 100°C should be read “one hundred degrees Celsius.” (For equivalents of Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures, see Appendix.)
centigrade scale one with 100 gradations or steps between two fixed points, as the Celsius scale.
Fahrenheit scale (F) a temperature scale with the freezing point of water at 32 degrees and the normal boiling point of water at 212 degrees. The abbreviation 100°F should be read “one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.” (For equivalents of Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures, see Appendix.)
French scale one used for denoting the size of catheters, sounds, and other tubular instruments, each French unit (symbol F) being approximately 0.33 mm in diameter.
Glasgow Coma scale a standardized system for assessing response to stimuli in a neurologically impaired patient, assessing eye opening, verbal response, and motor ability. Reaction scores are depicted in numerical values, thus minimizing the problem of ambiguous and vague terms to describe the patient's neurologic status. (See accompanying Table.) The total score is obtained by adding E, M, and V; a score of 7 or less indicates coma and a score of 9 or more rules out coma.
Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) scale a hundred-point scale used as axis V of DSM-IV to assess a client's recent and current levels of social, psychological, and occupational functioning.
gray scale a representation of intensities in shades of gray, as in gray-scale ultrasonography.
interval scale a scale having equal numerical distances between intervals in addition to mutually exclusive categories, exhaustive categories, and rank ordering but no zero point.
Karnofsky scale (Karnofsky performance scale) a widely used performance scale, assigning scores ranging from 0 for a nonfunctional or dead patient to 100 for one with completely normal functioning.
Kelvin scale an absolute scale in which the unit of measurement, the kelvin, corresponds to that of the Celsius scale; therefore the ice point is at 273.15 kelvins.
Likert scale a tool used to determine opinions or attitudes; it contains a list of declarative statements, each followed by a scale on which the subject is to indicate degrees of intensity of a given feeling.
Neonatal Behavior Assessment scale Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale.
performance scale a scale that measures a patient's performance status, serving as a prognostic indicator of seriousness of disease or disability. The most widely used scale is the Karnofsky scale.
Problem Rating scale for Outcomes see problem rating scale for outcomes.
semantic differential scale a measurement device that consists of two opposite adjectives with a seven-point scale between them; each item under examination is assigned to a specific point on the scale.
temperature scale one for expressing degree of heat, based on absolute zero as a reference point, or with a certain value arbitrarily assigned to such temperatures as the ice point and boiling point of water.

gray-·scale ul·tra·so·nog·ra·phy

the display of the ultrasound echo amplitude or signal intensity as different shades of gray, improving image quality compared to the obsolete black and white presentation.


The range of light or x-ray exposure acceptable with a given photographic emulsion. See: latitude film.
[L. latitudo, width, fr. latus, wide]

gray scale

the property in which intensity information in ultrasonography is recorded as changes in the brightness of the gray scale display.
A description of the number of colours or shades of gray a monitor can display or a scanner can process; the higher the bit depth, the higher the number of colour hues that can be supported

gray scale

Imaging See Ultrasonography InformaticsSee Bit depth.

gray-scale ul·tra·so·nog·ra·phy

(gră'skāl ŭl'tră-sŏ-nog'ră-fē)
The display of the ultrasound echo amplitude or signal intensity as different shades of gray, improving image quality compared with the obsolete black-and-white presentation.

gray scale

a scale of intensities of the color gray. Of value in assessing radiographic and ultrasonographic results. See also B-mode ultrasonography.
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According to Grayscale, the contract was worth $680,640 (AED2.
After the SOP ER enhancement, a thresholding scheme is needed to define the data logic; hence the grayscale value above the threshold is regarded as logic "1" while below the thresh- old is regarded as logic "0.
And despite the fact that hardware devices are capable of capturing color images of the real world with great detail and accuracy, in order to assign meaning to the image [4], processing techniques usually deal with simplified versions of the image in the either converted to grayscale or even binarized.
To circumvent this difficulty, normalization of the intensity of a single color component from within the entire corpus of grayscale images for the color component acquired at different time points could be a solution if the color component has a significant correlation with brightness.
Instead of developing specialty hardware, NVIDIA and Planar have developed a method of "pixel packing" that allows 10-bit or 12-bit grayscale data to be transmitted from an NVIDIA Quadro graphics board to a Planar Dome display using a standard DVI cable.
Four times the number of grayscale levels and an imaging chain that guarantees Zero Conversion, Zero Loss.
New adjustment functions offer a greater degree of picture control, Auto Grayscale optimizes the contrast and black level of the image, and Auto Fleshtone produces natural-looking skin tones.
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NIST, in conjunction with the FBI, has developed a new database of grayscale fingerprint images and corresponding minutiae data.
Emerald QE-256/30 AAA and QE-256/80 AAA additions to the Q-Class (TM) family combine precise jetting and versatile grayscale operation with a durable, field-proven metal nozzle plate supporting a wide range of ink types including aqueous formulations.
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