Gray Area

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Medspeak A generic term for any area of patient care—e.g., diagnostics, ethics, management of terminally ill—in which the parameters of good practise are not clearly defined—i.e., are neither ‘black’ nor ‘white’
Vox populi Gray zone/area is commonly used in the lay parlance for anything that is not readily apparent or incontrovertible, i.e., not ‘black’ or ‘white’
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With the donation feature layered on top of the initial platform, Gray Area's Seaquence is an extension of Seaquence, an original project created at Gray Area Labs by Gabriel Dunne, Daniel Massey, and Ryan Alexander, with support from GAFFTA.
With different fact situations, other courts have found the length of the marriage persuasive when awarding permanent alimony in gray area marriages.
The Principal Financial Group(R), the nation's 401(k) leader and total retirement solutions innovator, is helping to debunk the myths and clear the gray area surrounding defined benefit plans with a new series of educational programs on critical topics beginning with "DB or Not DB?
Security is a gray area, Jarrett said, and difficult to evaluate as there "has not been as good a response from vendors," usually revolving around compliance statements.
The new category was prompted by the vast number of games that fall into a gray area between the two ratings, said Patricia Vance, president of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.
What constitutes an employer is sometimes a gray area but, generally speaking, if an entity exercises care, custody and control over the work site where the lead exposure takes place, that entity is deemed an employer.
Hahn) is really in a gray area here,'' said Kris Vosburgh, executive director of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the largest single contributor to the campaign against a countywide police-tax initiative on the Nov.
Promising signs in 2005 include the launch of several third-party online music stores, and some unauthorized services, or those working in a gray area, legitimizing their services, the high-tech market research firm says.
With the type of explosive growth we are projecting, it was not feasible to have a two- to six-week gray area with respect to actual delivery times due to potential delays in shipping and customs.
This persistent gray area nature of spyware necessitates that security administrators maintain total control over spyware detection and removal.
Head injuries are such a gray area, they just don't know that much about concussions.
The latter is forming a market that falls in what Bartolotto calls the gray area between independent and assisted living.