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A device for converting energy into mechanical motion.

dental engine

A machine that rotates dental instruments.

high-speed engine

A machine that rotates a dental instrument in excess of 12,000 rpm.

ultraspeed engine

A machine that rotates a dental instrument at speeds from 100,000 to 300,000 rpm.
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Zodiac's enhanced graphics engine pushes the capabilities of current set-top boxes allowing Schematic to implement next-generation User Interface design to the receivers that are already in digital cable customers' homes.
By utilizing the latest cutting-edge pixel and vertex shaders, EARTH 2160 has a look and feel that sets it apart from other RTS titles running on more traditional graphics engines.
Through licensing of the Gamebryo graphics engine and tools since 1997, NDL has developed a reputation of delivering solid and flexible technology while providing superior customer support.
Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny(TM) (Throne of Destiny(TM)), the newest installment in the franchise, features new content updates, including a new playable race, dozens of new quests, a rebuilt graphics engine and hundreds of special rare items.
Included are a 300MHz MIPS(R) CPU (central processing unit), dual-HD (high-definition) capable MPEG decoder, audio decoder, dual display engine, 2D and 3D graphics engine, conditional access, transport demultiplexers, PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect), USB (universal serial bus), and hard disk drive interfaces.