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macrophage migration inhibitory factor

A 25-kD proinflammatory lymphokine, produced by T cells in response to antigenic stimulus, which inhibits macrophage migration.

MMIF is encoded by MIF on chromosome 22q11.23.

Cell-mediated immunity, inflammation and regulation of macrophage function in host defence by suppressing the anti-inflammatory effects of glucocorticoids.
Increases intracellular cAMP, polymerises microtubules, stops macrophage progression.


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Various data formats used to create Web pages or post documents to Web sites, such as HTML, XML, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), word processing documents (such as Microsoft Word), or graphics interchange format (GIF), should be familiar to team members.
GIF - means Graphics Interchange Format, usually a photo of a member and his/her kids, dog, etc.
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