granuloma faciale

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gran·u·lo·ma fa·ci·a·'le

persistent, well-demarcated, reddish-brown nodules of unknown cause that usually appear on the face in middle age and consist of a dense dermal infiltrate of eosinophils and neutrophils, separated from the epidermis and hair follicles, with fibrinoid vasculitis of unknown cause.
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Welsh JH, Schroeder TL, Levy ML: Granuloma faciale in a child successfully treated with the pulsed dye laser.
In addition, granuloma faciale and inflammatory pseudotumor could be excluded from the differential diagnosis because these diseases are not characterized by intense fibrosis and onionskin angiocentric whorling.
8) Some authors have reported that when EAF occurs in men, other entities such as granuloma faciale or Wegener's granulomatosis are more likely to coexist with the nasal lesion.