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(Gräfenberg), Ernst, German gynecologist in U.S., 1881-1957.
Graefenberg ring - obsolete term for a silver or silkworm gut ring designed for insertion into the uterine cavity as a means of contraception.
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Step One: Find what has come to be known as your G-spot; don't call it that, it is named after Grafenberg, a man.
G-spot magnification, a technique that appears to enlarge the famed Grafenberg spot, can enhance a woman's ability to experience the full range of sexual pleasure.
In fact, the G-spot is so named after another gynaecologist, a German this time, Ernst Grafenberg, who coined the term "Grafenberg zone", later shortened to G-spot in the 1940s.
The G-Spot that is, named after German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg who claimed to have found this patch of pleasure-giving nerve endings in 1950.
Grafenberg discovered this spot around 1940 but his work was disregarded by the medical profession.
Two locations provide the settings for this day-to-night festival -- a horse track during the day, located in a forest in DsseldorfOs Grafenberg district and considered one of GermanyOs most beautiful, will feature three stages from afternoon to night, and then the city of Dsseldorf and its vivid club and music venues take over for the night program from 10 p.
The G doesn't stand for "gosh" but for for "Grafenberg", after Dr Ernst Grafenberg.
The term "G-Spot" was coined in 1981after the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg who hypothesized its existence in a paper published in 1950.
The devices that Ofelia Mendoza gave to Tschinkel were the Zipper Nylon Rings, a modification of the Grafenberg Ring, which had been tested in Chile since 1959 by its inventor, Dr.
G-spot amplification involves injecting the Grafenberg spot with collagen in an effort to enhance sexual arousal or gratification temporarily.
We're in the middle of the Grafenberg Wald in Dusseldorf, looking for Sascha Smrczek's yard, which shouldn't theoretically be too hard to find as he has a racecourse at the bottom of his garden.
A THE G spot was named by the German physician Ernst Grafenberg.