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The 1999 accountability provisions of the Social Union Framework Agreement (SUFA) emphasize "collaborative" federalism, public reporting and the involvement of third parties in the social policy process (Boismenu and Graefe 2004).
Understanding and Evaluating New Intergovernmental Accountability Regimes Edited by PETER GRAEFE, JULIE M.
Activity involvement can be defined as unobservable motivation or interest toward a recreation activity (Kyle, Graefe, Manning, & Bacon, 2003).
Peter Graefe explores similar political choices in Quebec, where "Quebec and Canadian capital rallied to American models of neoliberal restructuring.
They included NPC break and recovery, horizontal near phoria using the von Graefe prism dissociation method, horizontal near PFV and negative fusional vergence (NFV) ranges, vergence prism facility (with 12 prism diopter [[DELTA]] base-out [BO] and 3[DELTA] base-in [BI] prism flippers), and stereoacuity using the Titmus stereo test.
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These concerns underscore scholarly criticism of public performance reporting as a mechanism for ensuring intergovernmental accountability in Canada (Anderson and Findlay 2010; Graefe and Levesque 2013).
59) Peter Graefe contributes a fine essay on developments in Quebec.
Collaborative federalism is a particularly useful analytical approach for examining health care policy and governmental responses to crisis situations, as exhibited by several recent studies where it has been applied to specific federal systems (Cameron and Simeon, 2002; Brock, 2008; Graefe and Bourns, 2009; Baracskay, 2012).