State Terrorism

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(1) Terrorism carried out or sponsored by a government, which involves deliberate attacks on civilians, for the purpose of attaining a political or religious goal
(2) Acts of violence committed by an official state, military or sponsored by a sovereign government outside of the context of a declared war, which target civilians or show a disregard for civilian life in attacking targets—either people or facilities
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As is common in conventional catastrophe reinsurance, government terrorism reinsurance coverage is provided in a sequence of layers.
Governments in several countries responded by adopting government terrorism insurance programs.
What is Washington's role in the government terrorism that was imposed in El Salvador and other Latin American countries?
Al-Hazmi had been added to a US government terrorism watch list just weeks earlier.
82) Nonetheless, the scale of rents potentially at stake in government terrorism insurance intervention provided sufficient incentives to unite an impressive alliance of insurer, construction, manufacturing, real estate, and other business associations under an umbrella advocacy group, the Coalition to Insure Against Terrorism.
190) Therefore, there is every reason to believe that government terrorism reinsurance is here to stay for the foreseeable future.
That's good news for us, " said Gary Richter, a government terrorism expert.
The one that saw millions killed by war, government terrorism, and famine during the 20th century?
She said this is sheer government terrorism as no law has been broken by D J Butt who merely looked after the sound system at the Azadi dharna.
The daily quoted an unidentified United States government terrorism expert.
The daily quoted an unidentified United States government terrorism expert as saying that Hizbullah may try to take advantage of Venezuela's ties with Iran to move "people and things" into the Americas.
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