Centella asiatica

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gutu kola

A low-lying plant, the leaves and stalk of which contain asiaticosides, triterpene acid, glycoside, tannin and volatile oil.
Ayurvedic medicine
Gutu kola is used in India to treat gastrointestinal complaints, psoriasis, leprosy, tuberculosis and STIs.
Chinese medicine
A Chinese herb said to promote longevity and alleged to be responsible for Lee Ching-yuen’s (a Chinese herbalist) 256-year lifespan. In Chinese medicine, gutu kola is antipyretic, diuretic and tonic for the immune and nervous systems; it is used for convulsions, hair loss, recuperation from trauma, premature ageing, memory loss, learning impairment, mental disorders, STIs and seizures.

Herbal medicine
In Western herbal medicine, gutu kola is used internally for oedema and poor circulation in legs, and topically for burns, cuts, eczema and psoriasis.
Gutu kola is poisonous; its use is restricted, as large doses may cause vertigo and coma, and it should not be used in pregnancy, when breast-feeding or in young children.

Centella asiatica

(sen-tel'a a?s(h)e-at'i-ka, ?z(h)e-)
A low-lying herb native to India and East Asia. It is used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine as a sedative, an antiasthmatic, a treatment for liver and skin diseases, and a promoter of longevity. Synonym: coinwort; Synonym: gotu kola
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Ayurveda recommends mixing Gotukola with milk before its administration in order to achieve the intended psychoactive effects (Sushruta, ~600BC).
Effects of whole plant materials from different Gotukola products
The aerial parts of the tissue-culture-propagated Gotukola plants grown in the university greenhouse were cleaned and oven dried at 40 [degrees]C for 24 h and crushed into powder.
A pure compound of Gotukola, asiaticoside, was purchased from Indofine Chemicals, Somerville, NJ, USA.
The main focus of the study was to investigate the anxiolytic activity of different phytochemical components of Gotukola, compared to the controls.
of either of the two commercial Gotukola products, as compared to the control vehicle (see Table 1).
The effects of Gotukola extracts of different polarity
The extraction was undertaken with Gotukola, grown in the greenhouse, freshly harvested and immediately dried, to ensure that the starting material was authentic and unaltered by any commercial process or storage.
The result of this test are a clear indication of the presence of anxiolytic principles of dried residue in the ethyl acetate and methanol fractions of Gotukola and also suggest that the hexane fraction is devoid of pharmacological activity as an anxiolytic agent.