intraoral tracing

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in·tra·o·ral trac·ing

(intră-ōrăl trāsing)
A drawing of mandibular movements using a device attached to the opposing arches; its shape resembles that of an arrowhead or a pointed (i.e., Gothic) arch; when the instrument's marking point is at the apex of the arch, the jaws are considered to be in centric relation.
Synonym(s): arrow point tracing, Gothic arch tracing, Gothic arch, needlepoint tracing, stylus tracing.
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We note, too, that the figure of Tellus Mater in the Roman relief about which he then dreams seems to him to "lean," "gravely inclin[ing] herself" (David Jones, SL 19), rather as the Gothic arch obliquely leans from the vertical in a visual trope of angelic care for this world.
The ground-floor apartment is accessed via a Gothic arch.
Old Beaupre Castle at St Hilary is attached to a farmhouse with a Great Hall, sitting-room with 13th-century Gothic arch, panelled study, five bedrooms and a flat.
Some remain on display in the West Wing's grand entrance hall, with its gothic arch and carved oak panel doors with copper-bronze attings.
The giant Gothic arch at Liverpool Cathedral, the highest in the world.
The doors dividing the bedroom from the conservatory have been made in the same Gothic arch shape that predominates throughout the house.
To cut out the gothic arch shape, find the centre of each panel, and measure and mark the design you want.
The cash, awarded to Cyfeillion Cadw Tremadog (Friends of Historic Tremadog), will pay for the conservation and restoration of the gateway, a Grade II*listed gothic arch.
I couldn't resist taking advantage of the lack of a cornice to stencil in some architectural detail using a Gothic arch stencil.
One of five reception rooms, the sitting room is entered through a Gothic arch, a theme repeated throughout the property.
Gothic arch chair pounds 175, handmade in Devon exclusively for Artroom.