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A. M., 20th-century U.S. geneticist. See: Maxim-Gilbert sequencing.
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In accordance with the resurgent interest in Soviet Literature and theory that Fanger's edition of Gorky signals, both return to Russian sources in their attempts to understand a literary concept that has extended well beyond Russia's literary and geographic borders.
In his murals for the Newark Airport Administration Building, Gorky sent dotted lines across a biomorphic map of the United States (Texas is a mere uvula), playing on conventions of suggested routes.
The literary project began with Gorky leading a tour of 120 Soviet writers along the length of the canal to gather personal impressions that included conversations with the prisoner-workers and guards.
Gorky and Rothko committed suicide; Pollock and Smith died in car crashes while driving, both under circumstances that may reflect suicidal intent.
Bishkek policy chief proposed to hold rallies in the Maxim Gorky Park in future as well, as in such case rights of other citizens won't be violated.
Ryan Moore: should be on a winner if Maxim Gorky can handle Chester's tight turns
Thus the current retrospective, which last month moved from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to Tate Modern, is timely, auguring a new Gorky for the 21st century.
The nine artists he highlights--Max Weber, Stuart Davis, Arshile Gorky, John Graham, Willem de Kooning, Pollock, David Smith (barely present), Roy Lichtenstein, and Jasper Johns--all went through periods of imitation or quotation.
The dogged detective of Gorky Park, Red Square, Polar Star and Havana Bay was last seen in Cuba all of six years ago.
Drawings by Dali will be sold for less than EUR 2,000 alongside paintings by Leonid Berman for EUR 400-500, drawings by Bernard Sanders for EUR 60-80, coloured collotypes by Marcel Duchamp for EUR 6,000-8,000 and large selections of works by Leon Kelly, Eugene Berman, Leonora Carrington and Arshile Gorky.
Add to this three other stories Egoyan has woven into the fabric of the film: Raffi's relationship with his stepsister, Celia, and her resentment toward Ani after the suicide of her father; the strained relationship between an airport customs agent (Christopher Plummer) who has stopped Raffi and his gay son, Philip, a security guard at a museum showcasing the influential Armenian artist Arshile Gorky (1900-48), who had escaped the massacre only to hang himself in New York City; and, lastly, the story of Gorky himself, which, like Ararat, has been moved to work within the logic of the film within the film.