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An ‘extreme sport’ in which the participants slide, jump off boulders or rappel down rock faces through waterfalls into mountain streams that cut through a canyon, clad in wet suits, helmets, life jackets, and climbing harnesses, combining the skills of caving, climbing, rappelling, and ‘reading’ the river
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We stayed in a house with dormitories and the varied activities included gorge walking and making the arduous ascent of Mount Snowdon itself.
Alternatively, discover hill walking, scrambling, climbing and hiking in the mountains and crags of Snowdonia, go gorge walking in Caernarfon or have a go at motorsports in Anglesey.
It puts it into perspective when you realise that some of the young people taking part have never previously had the opportunity to travel outside their own wards, let alone go gorge walking, canoeing, rock climbing, or try out arts or musical activities.
Raft Building, Open Canoeing, Rockclimbing, Orienteering, Archery, Mountain Biking, Zip Wire and Fencing, Rope Courses, Kayaking, Mountaineering, Abseiling, Gorge Walking, Sailing, Survival Exercises and Bouldering.
Gorge walking was exciting and I got to wear a GoPro head cam, and filmed climbing up a watery and slippery gorge, crawling through narrow gaps and jumping off the top and swimming
Year 8 children visited the outdoor education centre for ve days where they took part in activities such as mountain climbing, kayaking and gorge walking.
If you are on a family break and half the family doesn't fancy a quad bike, there is also horse riding, gorge walking, deer feeding (seasonal) and even cookery demonstrations.
uk HERE'S WHAT KIDS CAN DO COAT is able to provide the following activities: Climbing Mountain biking Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze, Silver & Gold Mountaineering Coasteering Sailing Caving Hill walking Kayaking Canoeing White water rafting Woodland skills Gorge walking Surfing Team building sessions Orienteering Camping/Residential Fishing
For 50 years, Derwent Hill, in Keswick, has been an outdoor education centre for Sunderland schoolchildren, offering a place for young people to undertake activities including gorge walking, canoing, rock climbing, kayaking and exploring the rural surroundings.
They also took part in abseiling, climbing, gorge walking and a variety of team-building activities including building a raft from barrels and ropes, camp skills, canoeing, obstacle courses and tests of logic.
Other activities on offer at the centre include archery, clay pigeon shooting, laser clay shooting, quad trekking through the countryside and an action-packed day of Gorge Walking in the Brecon Beacons.